Having lived in the Southwest for 40 years, I still find the landscape, as well as the flora and fauna, a giant cathedral of inspiration for my work.

In 1986, while living in New Mexico, I began working in metal and experimenting with different finishing techniques.  I was fortunate enough to be juried into national shows, such as the Rosen Fine Craft Show in Philadelphia and the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, with my metal work.   In 2006, I acquired aerospace welding certification in aluminum.  This enabled me to weld and fabricate support equipment and tools used in industry, as well as a public art project in New Mexico.  With this background, I began exploring the fascinating world of jewelry.

I view jewelry as an ancient art form with a rich tradition of materials and techniques.  Each piece begins as raw material and is created by my hands from start to finish.  This approach has enabled me to create a unique line of jewelry, where each piece has meaning and a fluid, organic personality all its’ own.

My jewelry can be seen in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, and Arizona Highways Magazine’s on-line store.   I’m delighted to be represented in Sedona, Arizona, by Kuivato Gallery in Tlaquepaque.

    I hope my work will bring joy and beauty to your life.